Confessions of a Cayce Doctor


Dr. Bob



The focal points of the following composition are the teachings of the man named Edgar Cayce, the recent experiences of the author, and the latter’s gleanings of past incarnations flowing into the present one – especially his own. All of these have woven a tapestry into the writer’s life and consciousness. Hopefully, the succeeding narrative will act as a mirror for the reader to reflect on similar patterns and lessons in his/her own life.

Edgar Cayce being key to this book, a very brief essay on his life and times seems necessary especially for those new to this remarkable human. Living from 1877 to 1945, Cayce grew up in Kentucky in a humble setting. Even though he had little education, Edgar was impressed early on of having unusual talents and of being called to do some work of service and significance. Cayce saw, experienced, and knew things of which others were unaware.

Eventually, Edgar discovered he had the ability to go into trance and speak with authority on a wide range of subjects. He thence gave forth valuable information especially to ill and injured people. Over 14,000 “Readings” were given through his Cayce in his altered state. In most, he acted as a psychic diagnostician with high accuracy and large benefit to people who solicited his help.

Cayce went on to “read” on inventions and business affairs, astrology and Atlantis, past lives and the Book of Revelation, and many other fields of interest. The Readings made no claim to perfection, but gave extraordinary material the value of which has been proven again and again over the decades. Edgar Cayce has been the subject of several biographies and his work is perpetuated to this day through the Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Website:

NOTE: The names of a few people have been changed in the writing on request or in anticipation of concerns of privacy. Names of public figures have not been altered.


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