Baby Doctor:

Old Soul Returns to Earth


Baby Doc

At first breath, all are blest.
Given flesh to be dressed.
Mind and heart added, too,
Trinity, whole and new.

Hidden midst that very three
Soul in all: Eternity.
Waiting ’til Its light breaks through
And we hail that Pearl of Blue.

Each new Life draws us back
Turning to ’nother tack.
Dares us look past the plow,
The Real is here and now.

Yes, all things are possible.
Ever’ life is wonderful.
We create tomorrow new
From today, ’tis always true.

Lessons large, lessons small.
Life, one great learning hall.
Learn again, learn anew.
Much to learn, much to do.

The Child is each one’s own Soul,
Readying, to make us whole.
Heals body, from head to toe,
Giving all we’ll ever know.

Child, father, of the man,
Leads the way for the clan.
A child, now, leads us through,
However long the queue.

He comes forth to break the mold
To leave past and all that’s old.
Future calls to me and you,
As he wails, “A-A-A-choo!”

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