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Beginnings in Medicine

Dr. Bob spent his early adult life in the field of medicine – with seven years in the U.S. Army, including a year in Vietnam.

Sadly, he found modern medicine to often be lacking in simple common sense and a complicated place to help people.
After nearly 20 years in and around medicine, Robert saw the writing on the wall. He was pointed into other directions to learn about healing, while working in various occupations and trades over the years.

Read his curious & colorful story here:
Confessions of a Cayce Doctor.

NOW: Reading and Writing

Dr. Bob has had the good fortune to travel in 4 continents, walk 1000s of miles in the USA over several recent summers, and live in extraordinary places. He also has owned an opera house, run an art gallery, and lived in an old post office. 

Now, he thinks it time to have his own book store. Having read 1000s of books and written more than a dozen, he believes himself suited to offer the online public

Bob’s Best Books

Continuing Studies in Healing

Over time, Bob turned from conventional medicine to learn from Edgar Cayce and Alice Bailey,
Helena Blavatsky, Anton Mesmer,
Jan van Helmont and Paracelsus.

He now recognizes humanity’s greatest Teacher to be our own Divinity cloaked in the Garment of Nature itself. God and Nature create and
grow, heal and transform us.

We humans are really children of God, borne of Nature, and clothed in temporary bodily costumes.

We can co-create with God & Nature.

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