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January 2021

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10 Paths to New Discovery - by Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.

Rupert Sheldrake

1) Is Nature Mechanical?
2) Is the Total Amount of Matter and Energy (in the Universe) Always the Same?
3) Are the Laws of Nature Fixed?
4) Is Matter Unconscious?
5) Is Nature Purposeless?
6) Is All Biological Inheritance Material?
7) Are Memories Stored as Material Traces?
8) Are Minds Confined to Brains?
9) Are Psychic Phenomena Illusory?
10) Is Mechanistic Medicine the Only Kind that Really Works?

These are titles for the first 10 chapters and the outline for Sheldrake's recent book.

Passing over the Questions even quickly, you can readily guess that Dr. Sheldrake concludes all the answers to be a resounding NO.

The writer is neither creationist nor a religionist of any sort. He sees the Science model as limited and falling short in answering important questions. Rupert has his own way to address all of the questions, and ideas on howto broaden science by using free thought and modest experiments.

Scientists are humans like the rest of us. Flawed, political, desirous of acclaim, etc. Thus, they are imperfect and subject to error.

Science is a relatively new discipline and has only begun to explore lesser and greater universes. We live on a small planet, in a modest-sized system and in one of billions of galaxies. We also have small brains - even scientists - and limited experience even on this planet. 

Sheldrake’s New Science of Life, written 1981, was greeted with suggestions for “book burning.”
But, his basic premises regarding morphic fields and resonance persist. He uses them repeatedly as very plausible means to explain many of the questions listed above.

I recommend the book, but the reader needs to have the fortitude to read through details of many scientific studies and the debate on scientific thought.

For a general view of the book and Sheldrake, the researcher and maverick, you may wish to read the article linked below.

If not, it may be simply worth your understanding that not all scientists follow the usual party line and believe that the 10 Questions should be answered YES.

The title of this book in England is The Science Delusion.

Sheldrake has other less weighty books that may appeal to general readers -
 such as Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home.

His website is

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